• Neck Pain is Easier to Prevent Than You Think!

    September 04, 2015 12:17 PM

    Neck pain is one of the most common "ailments" that we as chiropractors treat. More often than not, when I ask a patient if they have had any trauma to their neck in the past, they can't think of anything. Then, we talk about their routine. Usually, patients tell me they use a computer a lot, or I observe them on their cell phone texting someone or playing a game while waiting to be seen for their appointment.

    Why Does My Neck Hurt?
    What people don't realize is that their daily activities can be the cause of their neck pain. Poor posture, sitting at a computer all day, playing on your phone constantly, or even the type of pillow you sleep with could be the cause of your neck pain.
    How Do I Fix This?
    Discuss your routine with your chiropractor. Whether sitting at the computer for prolonged periods, slouching, sleeping with a non-supportive pillow, or something else is causing your neck pain, your chiropractor can not only help support you in changing your habits, we can help correct the problem that is causing the pain.
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    Posted by: Dr. Sean Smith
  • An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

    August 28, 2015 08:55 PM

    Most have heard the old addage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." This isn't far from the truth! Eating healthy and staying active will keep you healthier overall. Eating healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself or only eating foods that are labeled as "low fat." It just means portion control and moderation.
    Activity can be anything from going for a walk to going to the gym 5 days a week. Find what works for you.
    Don't forget to get adjusted! Your spine is connected to your nervous system. Getting adjusted can keep you healthy. Whether once a month, once every 6 months, or once a year works best for you, spinal alignment is a key component of a healthy lifestyle.
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    Posted by: Dr. Brook Wallace
  • Are You Tossing and Turning Because of Your Mattress?

    August 25, 2015 12:08 PM

    On a daily basis, patients tell me that their back hurts worse when they are laying down. While this is due to subluxations of the spine, the wrong mattress is often a contributing factor. Your mattress plays a large role in your spinal health.
    There are many types of mattresses out there and depending on who you speak with, the "best mattress ever" could be any one of them. Discuss your sleep habits with your local chiropractor. We may can help you figure out if your mattress is playing a role in discomfort you may be experiencing.
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    Posted by: Dr. John Smith
  • Create Balance In Your Life!

    August 20, 2015 12:39 PM

    Have you been trying to do small workouts that can help you feel less weak and unbalanced? There are several things you can do to help create balance and build your core muscles. Health Magazinerecently had an article with some great exercises that I’d like to share with you.


    Building your core muscles can help increase stability and can often strengthen your low back. Check out this great article with some “balancing” exercises: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20906280,00.html


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    Posted by: Dr. Richard Armstrong
  • Don't Give Up Because of Pain!

    August 07, 2015 09:19 PM

    Did you know that back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the US and 85 other countries? People are leading "healthier" lifestyles but still aren't doing anything to maintain or prevent issues that have occurred in the past from reoccurring.
    Wellness visits with your chiropractor can help keep your nervous system healthy. Seeing your chiropractor on a monthly or bimonthly basis will help maintain spinal alignment, as well as boost your immune system and overall health. You can read more on this topic at: http://toyourhealth.com/mpacms/tyh/article.php?id=2145.

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    Posted by: Dr. Russ Redd