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Garner Chiropractic Services

When you visit a chiropractor in Garner, you want to feel comfortable with the professional. At our clinic, we understand that you have specific goals and concerns when visiting our clinic. That is why our team focuses on providing the tools and treatments you need to address underlying concerns or help your situation improve.

Garner Chiropractor showing women model of a spine

Chiropractic Care

When you visit a chiropractor in Garner for our chiropractic care, we offer spinal adjustments and decompression therapy with gentle pressure along specific points. Since Dr. Betsy Case-Luca has specialized training in advanced chiropractic techniques, she offers solutions for back and neck pain, as well as problems with your posture or alignment.

Our chiropractic care focuses on alleviating pain or improving your spinal function by addressing the underlying causes of your discomfort and pain.

Pediatric Services

Our pediatric services focus on the needs of children and infants. We evaluate children for problems like scoliosis and help your child's body remain healthy and active. 

Our gentle pressure helps us address problems a child may face while growing. We also teach children proper posture while sitting, standing or engaging in activities, which helps reduce the risk of back or neck pain as a child grows into adulthood.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy in our clinic helps us address pain and discomfort associated with certain injuries or problems with the muscles. We use gentle pressure to relieve tension in the muscles and help your body heal after an injury. We also use the massage therapy as part of a treatment plan when you have injuries from an auto accident, an accident at work or any other situation leading to discomfort and pain.

The therapy may also help when you experience regular headaches from tension. We may use the treatment with chiropractic care when appropriate for your situation and the causes of your discomfort.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy works by using a machine to gently stretch out the spine. It is done slowly, in increments, over time, so there is never any pain or discomfort associated with it. Clients who use it can go back to their normal activities immediately after a treatment. The stretching can create enough space between the vertebrae for misaligned ones to fall seamlessly back into place. Sometimes, the machine can accomplish this on its own, and other times, a combination of the machine and traditional chiropractic adjustments does it. Either way, you get total healing without drugs or surgery.

Pregnancy Discomfort and Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal chiropractic care at our clinic focuses on the specific needs of pregnant women. During pregnancy, women may experience lower back pain, neck pain and other discomforts due to the hormonal changes and the changes in your center of gravity. At our clinic, we understand the possible problems that may arise and offer specialized prenatal chiropractic care.

The treatment uses gentle pressure at specific points to help alleviate your discomfort without taking unnecessary risks with an unborn child. We recognize the possible complications and take measures to assist without side effects or health risks.


Acupuncture is an ancient, holistic, health therapy originating in China centuries ago. A qualified acupuncturist stimulates certain pressure points on your skin using extremely thin needles to encourage release of beneficial hormones and other chemicals. Acupuncture treats and improves dozens of painful health problems, including whiplash, back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches.

Laser Therapy

At Chiropractic Partners, our doctors want you to have the highest quality of care possible. Our team understands that providing the most advanced care available to you is essential. We offer laser therapy at each of our locations. If you are suffering from pain, discomfort, limited mobility, or other ailments, laser therapy may be able to help you when other solutions have failed. 

Pain Management

Pain management is a key advantage of working with a chiropractor in Garner. We offer treatments for injuries as well as general pain management services. Our chiropractic care addresses concerns related to discomfort in the back and neck. The chiropractic treatments we offer take a holistic approach to recovery and healing, so you do not face harsh side effects and you limit pain.

A healthy body requires a functioning spine and back. At our clinic, we help you maintain your health with appropriate chiropractic care. To learn more about our services and schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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Office Locations

Cary, NC Chiropractor 

Dr. Ira Rubin
Dr. Chris Sullivan

Dr. John Lancaster
Phone: (919) 467-7797

Clayton, NC Chiropractor 
Dr. Nicholas Ferez
Phone: (919) 550-9355

*Saturday Appointments can be arranged by calling our office.

Durham, NC Chiropractor 
(Durham Chapel Hill Blvd) 

Dr. Michael Krasnov
Dr. Dustin Houser
Phone: (919) 383-9890

Saturday Appointments Available from 8am-10am

Durham, NC Chiropractor
(Southpark Drive)

Dr. Arturo Presas
Phone: (919) 572-2312

Fuquay Varina, NC Chiropractor 
Dr. Brook Wallace
Phone: (919) 577-0660 

Garner, NC Chiropractor 
Dr. Betsy Case-Luca
Dr. Michael Ward

Phone: (919) 772-1113 

Raleigh, NC Chiropractor
(Midtown Raleigh)

Dr. Greg Baldy
Dr. Alan Houfek

Phone: (919) 787-8883

Raleigh, NC Chiropractor
(Celebration Square)

Dr. Brian Ransone
Dr. Matthew Schmid

Phone: (919) 847-3122 

Raleigh. NC Chiropractor
(Capital Blvd)

Dr. John Smith
Dr. Sean Smith
Phone: (919) 878-8848

Saturday Appointments Available from 8am-12pm

Wake Forest, NC Chiropractor 
Dr. Russ Redd Chiropractor
Phone: (919) 556-2014